Sundog And The Homesick Pack

Sundog&The Homesick Pack

Sundog&The Homesick Pack

This journey really started in 1978 when Jürgen Friesenhahn and Markus joined forces and started honing their musical skills together. Over time they both went their own ways but never really lost touch and a strong bond remained. Eventually they wised up and Jürgen liked Markus’ songs enough to dust up his drums and set up a couple of microphones. The journey continues.


Lydie AuvrayLydie+Markus

Markus started collaborating with Lydie Auvray in 2001, who is looking back on a career spanning over three decades and comprising 20 albums. Kudos!

As guitarist, producer and songwriter he has been involved in six of her albums.
In 2010 her five-piece band, the Auvrettes, was slimmed down to a trio where the range of instruments played by Markus includes Portugese guitar and bass.



Cole was brought to life by Klaus “K.K.” Kummer. IMG_0036Some members of the band go back a long way,  having shared the rent during an extended period in the 80s .

The band formed after spontaneous jams turned into well attended acoustic soirees which inspired Klaus to start writing songs, making use of not just one, but two excellent lead singers.
Unfortunately Brighton – based Dave Taggart has not been able to join activities in a while.
Cole’s music feeds on elements of folk, rock and leftfield infused pop.

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