People and links


Here’s a few people I’d like to introduce to you:

The chaps from Elektra build high class, gorgeous sounding amps. Their knowledge and skills concerning all things tube amps are dazzling.
I was immensely thrilled to be among the ones chosen to test run their  EH – 185  clone.
Thanks Michiel and Micha!

Look at the beast.
Vintage glory…!!    

And that’s what it sounds like: 

mandolin boy

Brigitte Angerhausen and I have collaborated on several different projects.

The producer in me highly rates her fine tuned ear and overall musicality.
Playing guitar on her two albums where she presents her skills as pianist and composer was a challenging and enriching experience.

mandolin boy

Watch out for Miguel Granja and his band Fado Soulto.
Looks like 2014 will see the release of their first record.
I may have secured a guest appearance. Miguel dragged me to the studio where I accompanied him on Portugese guitar.

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