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Our show in the Elbphilharmonie, the concert hall in the HafenCity quarter of Hamburg, was a big success.
As is often the case with these kind of monumental projects the construction work dragged on endlessly and by the time the hall was finished in 2016 the building costs had increased over tenfold.

We were extremely excited to have been given the chance to play there.
It’s a stunning building with some breathtaking views over the river Elbe and the city to the other side.

The spectacular view from one of our dressing rooms. Eckes enjoys a warm up on a Steinway grand.
Eckes Garderobe

The local event manager took us on a short tour.
Trio auf Aussichtsplattform

The panelling of the small concert hall is made of French oak. A visual as much as aural pleasure, I find.
Blick von der Bühne

Cover Boy

The Palatinate daily Rheinpfalz has put me on the cover of my hometown’s monthly magazine.
I feel truly honoured.
There remains a strong connection with the city and the area on account of old friends (some of whom I share the stage with every once in a while) and family still living there.
I say Hi and send my love to you all!

Titelbild Frankenthaler


On the 23rd of December last year we played a rare gig featuring the complete line up of Cole, supporting Stephan Ullmann (thanx!)
It was great to see that a bunch of fans had made their way across the Rhine to see us – thanks so much, you made us feel good!


Götz Bürki guitars

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to play a nylon string by Götz Bürki which I liked a lot.
A few weeks ago I payed him a visit at his home and workshop, located in the beautiful area of the Rur – Eifel south of Cologne.
While he was busy preparing a delicious meal I spent time with his No. 14 which corroborated my first impression.

These are high quality instruments, built with passion and skill. Well balanced – tight low end and smooth, yet crisp top end and a pleasure to lay your hands on.

Götz Bürki No. 14

Götz Bürki No. 14

Götz Bürki No. 14

Götz Bürki No. 14

Leonard Cohen

Not a good week, not at all.
R.I.P. Leonard Cohen.

I met him in 2012 while staying at a hotel in Dortmund.
We had a short chat and he was warm-hearted and humorous with a refreshingly normal-sized ego.

Markus: So how was the show last night?
Leonard: I think it was ok, nobody asked their money back.

When we said goodbye he saluted with his right fist over his heart.