The guitar has been ubiquitous since the age of twelve.
He started his first band at the age of fourteen, studied classical guitar and finished the degree at 22.JFR_4414
In 1990 recording industry mogul Clive Davis invited him and singer Achim Degen to perform a showcase in New York. However, it would take another two years before they secured a record deal with Virgin Germany, having named their Duo ‘Six Was Nine‘. Their first record more or less bombed but their second release saw them charting across Europe and even scoring a number one hit with ‘Drop dead beautiful’ in South Africa, Malaysia and Singapore. In 1994 they won the prestigious German music industry award ECHO. They honed their performance skills as support act to, among others, Tina Turner, Roachford, Rod Stewart, Jamiroquai.

Six Was Nine called it a day in 1998 and Markus moved to Cologne seeking new challenges and making a living as a songwriter, music teacher and session musician.

He’s been sideman to French accordionist and singer Lydie Auvray since 2001 and has produced three of her records which include several of his songs and instrumentals respectively.

Old friends and former collaborators form the Band Cole, whom he joined in 2005.
With two albums already under their belt they started recording again in late 2013 and are aiming at a release towards the end of 2014.

Markus continues to pass on his skills and techniques in workshops and tutorials.

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